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The Trump Of End Times

Who are you voting for in the upcoming presidential election?  From the polls, it would seem Trump is a popular vote.  Do you really want this man as your president?  With his hasty words and foolish debates.  I hear more … Continue reading

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Master Of The Wind

I was walking my dog today in the park, and the wind was just so strong.  The sound of the leave rustling and falling to the ground all around me as it’s an extremely wooded area.  I looked up and … Continue reading

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Theory Of Life

I watched the movie, “Theory Of Everything,” for the second time last week, and it really fascinated me.  This movie is all about Stephen Hawking.  It’s about his life, his theories, and his struggle with ALS.  I personally do not … Continue reading

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Should Christians watch Long Island Medium?

Should Christians watch Long Island Medium?

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