This is a poem I wrote some time ago for a play, it depicts Judas in his last moments.  You can read more about it in Matthew 27.


In this moment of dark desperation

His image still clouds my mind

Of the man I once followed

Whispering, thy will not mine

No silver can ever replace

The look of death upon his face

Betrayal of an innocent man

Should have been me on the stand

I drank the wine, I ate the bread

Is it prophecy as he pled?

How could I ever deny

Better to have never been born he said!

Crucify! Crucify!

They declared

I should have hung there

All the sin and shame to bear

My greed condemned him to death

Now I must take my last breath


About Amanda Batten

I am a personal support worker; aspiring writer living in Ontario. My goal is to inspire and entertain people with the written word, and hone the talent God has given me.
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