Prayer – Pure Power

To the power of prayer! Amazing article.

Truth in Reality

A number of years ago I when was honoured to be a part of a blessed and anointed intercessory prayer group and one of the prayer partners handed out a little piece of paper that had only four words on its face. You may have already heard of this acronym but I have chosen to mention it because it has often reminded me of how to keep perspective in my prayer life. The four words are simple:


These simple four words or progressive steps of prayer are a fantastic way to enter into and maintain a great depth in prayer. Let me step into the meaning of each:


Active praise prepares our hearts minds and souls to be in alignment with God’s presence and will. Praying God’s will is important to the success of your prayer life. The better you understand…

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About Amanda Batten

I am a personal support worker; aspiring writer living in Ontario. My goal is to inspire and entertain people with the written word, and hone the talent God has given me.
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